What is Repindex?

Repindex provides a systematic picture of what is being said in text such as social media and opinion survey data. Repindex has a proprietary system and method for creating and extracting value from texts over time. Repindex output includes the description and measurement of the main concept clusters, positive and negative messages, sentiment, opinions, participant roles, and time orientation detected in texts.

Areas of application include ...

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Free text from opinion surveys
  • Call centre digital and other telephone records
  • Archived material
  • Meeting records
  • e-mail text
  • Chat text

Outputs consist of regular reports with tables and charts of key indicators. We quantify the messages in text flows and give clients systematic information on which to base decisions.

Repindex also has a sophisticated modelling capability. This enables trends over time to be identified and described with statistical and mathematical rigour.

Repindex is based on linguistic research in Discourse Stream Analysis (DSA) and Corpus Linguistics.

Who are we?

We are a team of linguists, market intelligence experts, analysts and developers of tools and systems.

We apply a proprietary method of semantic analysis to a variety of text as they occur in real time.

We have proprietary tools, comprising online and desktop systems.

What do we do?

We offer reports, analysis, consultancy, training and tools directly or through licence agreements.

Our service helps clients to listen in real time to the significant messages in the dialogues and conversations of their audiences.

We enable clients to make excellent tactical and strategic decisions so that by allocating resources well they may retain and acquire customers.

We help clients to improve profitability and sustainability, and to protect and enhance their brands.